whiteRoom is creative collaborative space for everyone.

whiteRoom is a center with a coworking space, a donation-based café, an art gallery, an action hall with a indoor food market and event location, all under one roof in Castletownbere, West Cork, Ireland.

whiteRoom was founded by DaM-whiteRoom (Design and Marketing), a nonprofit company with modern, flat organisational structures and employee share ownership. Our goal is an equitable, sharing-based working environment that benefits the local community and offers all participants the opportunity to try new ideas, create partnerships, and work towards entrepreneurial independence.

whiteRoom is whatever you want to make it. Come join us!

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DaM-whiteRoom Ltd.
whiteRoom the Square
Castletownbere / Beara
Co. Cork Ireland
CEO Jergan Janssen-Jerom
SECRETARY Felicitas Gross
e-mail: mailto: admin


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