Our Mission

Our vision is to establish an equitable, sharing-based society in harmony with the natural world. We believe everyone should have a high quality of life, and opportunity to try new ideas, create partnerships, and work towards a vision without incurring debt.

Under one roof:

DaM-whiteRoom (Design and Marketing). We see us as a creative team (iCreativeLAB) having enabled whiteRoom making every effort to organize it so that all participants can happily use it. whiteRoom website

studio b coworking hub:

  • your own website

  • highspeed internet 

  • conference room 

  • meditation room 

  • 24/7 access 

  • kitchen+tea/coffee 

  • iCreativeLAB 

  • business ideas

  • gallery/exhibitions 

  • workshops 

  • roomBooking  

our software projekts:

  • multiEngine@easyGoing  a new platform for a new way of working (workflow) , for keeping your data private and your communication safe

  • 2meetCom new generation of secure communication private, professional, encrypted, phone, messages, data, video

our concept:

  • Two years ago we started with an open concept for cafePictic-whiteRoom seeing it as a multiple-use project (gallery, studio, and café). As time went on, more rooms became available in the building to be developed, studioB/shareOffice and an indoor food market. This had us review the concept for the cafePictic-whiteRoom.

  • As part of the project, the café will be a communicative hub for all those who work in or visit one of these areas, offering a new comprehensive menu from 12:00 to 16:00 hrs.
    In addition, we will enrich the variety of dishes at cafePictic-whiteRoom with various events:

  • candlelight-dinner evenings with live music once or twice a month 

  • regular poetry evenings on every last Friday of the month 

  • jazz, folk or classical live music (sessions) on fixed days of the month 

  • a film club twice a month on fixed days 

  • gaming club (chess, go, IT, team games/competitions). 

EMPTINESS gallery:

  • exhibitions 

  • workshops 

  • creative training 

Market and action hall

  • market stalls
    fish bite
    salad bar
    tiny bakery
    wine and fruit juice bar

  • events 

  • drawing in action 

  • workshops


  • our environmental project "10,000 trees for ireland